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Warriors of the Heart

Feb 24, 2021

There is a new path being laid out for humanity. It is a path that takes us away from appearances, into the substance of who we are as people. Our Western societies have been happy with appearances, not what really exists. As long as it “looks good”, it must be good. We often use empty gestures and easy/fine words to camouflage. Sometimes we do not even realize we are camouflaging our inner desiccation or sense of powerlessness. Our societies are starving us by keeping us busy on the treadmill and keeping us distracted by empty entertainment. Unless we experience some major crisis, we bumble along doing what is expected of us by our families and workplaces, keeping our heads above water, with no energy to address the depth of who we are.

However, as a species, we have come to a bend in the road and an opportunity. It is time to rise up and become real humans (again)! We must find the highest and deepest of our human capacities, becoming Warriors of the Heart, in service to Life!

If one were just to examine the ads around us, we would see a fixation on looks and consumption. People know by looking at us how much we care about these fixations and judge us accordingly, to where we belong in the social spectrum. Superficiality is applauded, now evidenced by “likes” and “follows.” It is also evidenced by who you know and all the namedropping that goes with it. We judge people by how “trendy and fashion forward” they are…

......their shoes, their watch, their handbag, their car, their hair, their home. This is the new class system, where like only talk to like to maintain their “level”. Yet, when we examine the lives of the uber rich…we can see that it is never enough.

As an adult educator, I know that when people come into a workshop or course, their worst worry is being identified as a fraud, as someone who is not smart enough to be there, someone who is just posing. So, this is the underlying fixation, trying to prop up our sense of self. What our societies have told us is that we are it…we are on our own, no one is going to help us, no one is going to do it for us. We must become completely self-sufficient…emotionally, financially, spiritually, physically, intellectually. We must look the part. If we can do this all, we have made it. Our looks, consumption, our style, our “put-togetherness”, our titles, indicate where we are on this scale of having made it. We are told that we do not need anyone else, that we can be “self-made.”

This messaging was developed during the rise of capitalism, so that people would get out there and hustle, manifesting the capitalist spirit. This messaging regained force during the neoliberalism era, from the mid 1980s/early 1990s until now. You know all the refrains: ”get out there, sell yourself, make it happen, just do it, be a self-made entrepreneur, go global, raise the bar, out-produce, work harder, work smarter, give 110%, be a star.” If you don’t make it, you just don’t have the “right stuff.” This messaging believes that inequality is natural… “some will always win and some will lose.” If you lose, “tough luck! That’s how the cookie crumbles.” The state should not be there to catch you, otherwise you will be coddled and not get back out there and hustle. In this view, losing is motivational.