Gathering Moon

Where are your roots? As the cosmic clock shifts this fall equinox and daylight is noticeably less, we begin our movement toward the inward, resting season. I have been pulling out some garden plants which have produced, been gathered and preserved, and are now dying back. As I heard the ripping of the roots from the soil, suddenly it felt like a violent act. What is the plant feeling? Roots are amazing…they are the major adaptation that evolved plants from their marine origins to land dwelling. Marine plants collect carbon dioxide, water, and nutrients directly from water. However, on land, plants evolved two collection systems, roots and stems, which work together above and below ground to

Fruiting Vine Moon

As I inspect my trees and plants, heavy and bowed with veggies, fruit, and flower, I am celebrating abundance. There is no scarcity here. Even the moon is at its peak over these two days, adding to the sense of fullness. I am amazed that so many have turned to vegetable gardening, in the midst of COVID-19. It was only when a neighbour, who had just put in a new garden, could not access seeds, that I realized the shortage of seeds. In my sustainability classes, we always talk about the WWII Victory gardens. A few still remember them as a child…the effort to become more self-reliant to enable the nation to channel its collective resources into the war effort. But little did I think that this w

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Dr. Lange has 35 years of experience as an educator and facilitator of transformative learning, both in formal (K-12; higher education) and nonformal contexts (community adult education). 


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