Sap Running Moon

Our lives, lived sustainably, honour the interlocking cycles all around us, echoed within us. As part of the planetary cycles, March 20 this year was not only the Spring Equinox (Northern Hemisphere) but the Full Moon. Equinox is the beginning of the astrological new year and a new annual cycle. At the Equinox, we experience equal light and dark all over the world…that delicious moment of balance…with 12 hours of each. Balance is one of the key principles in Ancient knowledge systems. Thus, this equinox brings relief to not only the winter-laden hemispheres in the North but also to the sun-baked hemispheres in the South. Equinox and Full Moon is very auspicious; Grandfather Sun and Grandmoth

Beautymaking Moon

As the sun begins to ripen, despite the temperature, and the grip of winter tightens and relaxes, tightens and relaxes, we are not yet ready to move out of the inside-time, inside our homes and inside our spirits. For many traditional cultures as well as early modern cultures, this was a time of beauty-making before the pace of spring and summer quickens. It is the period of conception in the cycle of seasonal creativity, as we anticipate the work that lies ahead for this year. Over several hundred years, we see the evolution of machines taking over human tasks, as progress. Yet, much has been lost. Before the onset of industrialism and consumer culture, people had few daily belongings and t

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Dr. Lange has 35 years of experience as an educator and facilitator of transformative learning, both in formal (K-12; higher education) and nonformal contexts (community adult education). 


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