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Breathwork and Relationality

Breathwork is not only pivotal to health awareness, stress reduction, mindfulness training, and trauma therapy, but is one simple way into understanding relationality. Relationality, from the New Physics, is understanding the universe as a deeply interwoven unity, an unbroken wholeness in flowing movement. These six simple breathwork activities help introduce learners to the relationality concept and experience their connectedness to the living world and their place in the fabric of energy. Suggested donation: $6 CDN

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Why Consider A Donation?

As my desire is to help educators and other leaders move toward life-giving cultures and sustainable societies, I am offering the teaching materials as a gift. As the goal is accessibility, there is no charge.
That said, developing teaching resources takes time, graphic design resources, and website upkeep. If you think you will find the resources useful to your practice, you have an opportunity to make a donation. If you are unable to donate, please know that your educational work and community leadership is the most important contribution.
There is a choice for a one-time donation or a donation per resource. Any donation, small or large, is helpful. Donations help offset development, design, and website expenses, enabling continual development of new resources and maintaining accessibility to existing ones. If you join the mailing list, you will be alerted when there is a new resource available.
The materials are meant to be adapted to your specific context. If you have questions about using the materials, please email me. 

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