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Teaching Resources

On Giftsharing

These teaching materials have been developed for your use...adjustable to a variety of contexts. As the goal is accessibility, there is no charge. If, however, you would like to make a donation to help offset development and graphic design expenses, that would be wonderful. Your donations help me to continue developing learning activities. If you have questions about using the materials, please email me. 

Find a resource for your teaching needs!

  • All materials are based on my published research papers which are blind reviewed by academic peers. 

  • Backgrounders and quick references for educators, students and organizations.

  • Saves time for your teaching preparation. 

  • Accessible language for various educational levels.

  • Professionally designed for memory enhancement.


  • Can be dropped into presentations, distributed digitally or as hard copies. 

  • Modifications can be requested for special uses. 


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